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This is a wiki for the Dino Hazard universe created by BONECOLLECTORS


Dino Hazard is a science fiction franchise with mixed cyberpunk and classic adventure styles centered on time travel chronicles with dinosaurs and other extinct creatures. It started in 2016 when Tito Aureliano and Aline Ghilardi published the novel Dino Hazard: Hidden Reality, at the time simply known as Hidden Reality. The first book was successful, as soon the project expanded into a franchise. Now there are figures and collectibles, role-playing video game and a comic book.

The franchise, according to the creator, Tito, started ten years before, and even if it was released in 2016, the book was already been written since a long time ago, and also according to him, the franchise didn't stopped and it's continuously being wrote by him.

The franchise at all is about the misadventures of poor people that were all related to one unique thing: dinosaurs and Chronos, an future absurdly important company of Brazil who created the thing that is known as the time travelling wormholes.

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