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Dino Hazard: Hidden Reality, or simply Hidden Reality, is a novel written by Tito Aureliano and edited by Aline Ghilardi, two popular paleontologists known not only for their research career but also for their science communication activities. Dino Hazard: Hidden Reality was released on 2016. In the late December, 2015, an earlier version was published on Amazon Kindle, which led to the definitive release physical release by Novo Século publisher by September 2016. This novel was the first in the Dino Hazard franchise and started the elaboration of a much bigger universe. Tito Aureliano announce publicly several times that he is working on two direct sequels to Hidden Reality.


  • Giovanna Antunes
  • Leonardo Antunes
  • Marcelo Strauss
  • Renato Matias
  • Luiza Vasconcellos
  • Bruno Kjellin
  • Miguel de Santiago
  • Petra Jovinski
  • Felipe Almeida
  • Ramon Sanchez

Species list[]

  • Amazonsaurus
  • Iguanodontia
  • Mirischia
  • Oxalaia
  • Ornithopoda (small)
  • Santanaraptor
  • Titanosauria
  • Anhanguera
  • Tropeognathus
  • Tupandactylus
  • Tupuxuara
  • Araripesuchus
  • Candidodon
  • Polycotylidae plesiosaur
  • Amblipigy